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Ozarks Protective Services

Ozarks Protective Services are the leading experts in Missouri Cannabis Security. We have over 205 years of Police Officer experience, 25 years of Cyber Security, and extensive knowledge in METRC for compliant transportation services.
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Security Services

Invest in quality security solutions and equipment that can stand the test of time , stay current with ever-evolving regulations.

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Dispensary Security

It is essential to maintain a tight and trusted circle. From products on sale to other valuables in the facility and the funds on-site.


Value of cannabis multiplies three folds once it gets across the state, making it very desirable to the criminals enroute.

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cannabis security camera surveillance

You must keep all access points secure as stipulated in Missouri regulations for cannabis operations to keep your license.

cannabis security compliance

Compliance is crucial when operating a business in the cannabis industry;meeting or even exceeding the state's regulations.

Honor, Integrity and Efficiency

The cannabis industry is cash-intensive and high-value  product business, making them hotspots for attack’s. Our security services set the new standards in  cannabis protection industry, providing optimum protective service for cannabis service for cannabis  dispensaries, manufacturing and cultivation business owners in Missouri.  Get world-class cannabis security systems, also best cannabis transportation in Missouri, and consulting as a bonus with Ozark Protective Services

OPS is an all in one security company! We have over 205 years of Police experience, 25 years of Cyber security services, Several years of Metric experience and offer all of it all at a very affordable rate! 

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Ozark Protective Services is the industry expert in  Cannabis security in Missouri. Whether you need quality security guards, advanced camera systems with AI and 24/7 monitoring, Digital Security VPN and SharePoint Buildouts, Transportation and security Manager training, we provide it all. We offer Missouri Cannabis security plans to dispensaries, manufacturers and cultivators. Set up a free 15 minute Phone Call Today!