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Ozarks Protective Services is an industry expert in the planning, and installing cannabis compliant security systems for cultivation facilities, dispensaries, and cannabis manufacturers. The cannabis industry regulatory requirement is dynamic; whether you are a cannabis cultivator, cannabis dispensary, cannabis distributor, or cannabis manufacturer, having a security provider you can trust is paramount. Ozarks Protective Services is known for its flexibility and versatility; we can adapt quickly to the ever-changing regulations that govern the cannabis industry. The regulatory requirement and laws of Missouri’s cannabis industry differ from the other states.

Ozarks Protective Services is no stranger to Missouri’s grey market, making it the perfect choice for cannabis companies among other security providers in the state. Our team leader has over 25 years of experience in Missouri’s police department and regulatory requirements. With a tall clientele list, Ozarks Protective Services knows the area’s ins and outs better than most.

Meet The Faces Behind Ozarks Protective Services

John Lopez, Matthew Campbell, Kristy Endacott, and
David Endacott

Majority owners of Old Route 66 Dispensary, LLC, founded Ozarks Protective Services, LLC in 2020 after seeing a need for enhanced security and transportation at an affordable rate in the new Missouri cannabis industry. Their combined experience in security, insurance, marketing, business management, strict DHSS compliance, and METRC knowledge and use bring a unique perspective to this industry.

John Lopez is a combat veteran turned entrepreneur with experience in business ownership, nonprofits, and many business start-up companies. A Combat Engineer in the 37th Engineer Battalion out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, John served in Afghanistan from 2006 – 2007, where he helped secure the safety of fellow service members by performing route clearance and Quick Reaction Force missions. John was also a part of the platoon that provided security for the Air Force while building a new road in Afghanistan and of gate-side security at F.O.B. Sharana.

David Endacott is a Certified Insurance Counselor, a designation for high-level professionals in business insurance that requires extensive training in risk assessment, risk transfer, and risk management. This yearly training keeps David up to date on new risk reduction strategies as well as how to effectively eliminate new challenges to the safety of businesses. David uses these skills to assess and identify risks for Ozarks Protective Services as well as their customers in the medical marijuana industry. These risks are either eliminated or are transferred through the use of insurance. David’s risk management experience with businesses includes but is not limited to workplace violence, theft (both internal and external), transportation, security, business interruption, property (including in transit), product recall, site safety, workers compensation, auto liability, general liability, as well as many more. He has also worked on Active Shooter scenarios with large organizations, including staff training on the best response should this occur.

This expertise, combined with the OPS team’s police force and cybersecurity experience, makes Ozarks Protective Services THE solution to your cannabis security and transportation needs.


Recently retired as a police corporal with 25 years’ service with the Springfield Police Department, Chris worked in the Community Service Sections where he was in charge of operational plans for anything from presidential visits to marathons. During his time at the PD, Chris developed and led the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). The CIT program currently has over 50 officers. Recognized with national and statewide awards, Chris also served as a leader on the Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Team. Chris has been Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) certified for over 20 years and has completed site surveys from small businesses to colleges.

Chris served as the Springfield Police Officers Association President. During his time in office, the union negotiated very large pay increases and benefits for the first of five contracts with the city. He feels his most important function was starting a mental health program for officers and their family members free of charge. Chris is currently the 1st Vice President for the Missouri Fraternal of Police and chairs the disaster response team for the state of Missouri.


Helen joined the Old Route 66 Wellness team after 17 years in the California cannabis industry. She has worked in all facets of cannabis from retail and cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution. Her accounting and business background became a key component of her success after her early years of cultivation. She began dispensary management in January of 2009 and contributed to the establishment and success of multiple dispensaries. Her familiarity with regulations helped take her California businesses from the collective business model to the regulated market and continued to consult with other states as they joined the cannabis industry. It was her time in the California market that introduced her to METRC. In addition to understanding and using METRC, she has trained others and continues to consult as needed.

Helen is the METRC Administrator for 2 licensed facilities in Missouri. Working with multiple distribution facilities in California, Helen created processes and managed others in compliant deliveries from creating packages to the fulfillment side of the industry through METRC. She continues to assist other facilities throughout Missouri as they navigate the METRC system.

Her desire for excellent customer service and stellar leadership brings passion and joy to her work and shines through each establishment she touches. Leading by example, Helen educates and coaches her staff to create a safe and positive environment for both patients and staff while also helping her team become their very best. She is a strong leader and expects efficiency, productivity, and results; she watches the bottom line and always keeps the company’s best interest  in sight. From reporting to local government agencies to answering to the owners of Old Route 66 Wellness, she is a responsible, goal-driven manager.


A retired law enforcement officer with approximately 25 years of experience, Jeff  spent most of his career as a K9 officer working at the Springfield MO Police Department. He trained, handled, and deployed patrol and drug detection dogs. Jeff has deployed his canines on over 300 search warrants and manhunts during his career working with local, county, state, and federal officers. He has held numerous certifications through both PSP and the National Police Canine Association. Jeff also taught K9 and critical incident training in the Springfield Police Academy and during in-service training. He also worked as a Major Crimes Investigator during his tenure at SPD.

Further, Jeff was an active-duty military working dog handler in the United States Air Force again training, handling, and deploying dual purpose canines. He saw duty in Panama, Korea, and Charleston, South Carolina Air Force Bases.


Regina is  a former Deputy Sheriff who has worked at both Henry County and St. Clair County in Missouri. She was also on the Special Response Team for St. Clair County as a member of the entry team for search warrants. Additionally, Regina has jail, patrol, and federal inmate transport experience. Before law enforcement, Regina joined the US Air Force out of high school as a Medical Technician. After the Air Force, she continued to work as an EMT on the civilian side before finding a rewarding career in law enforcement. Regina was looking to transition out of law enforcement and is really excited at the opportunity to join the OPS team at Old Route 66 Wellness.


A firearms instructor and retired law enforcement officer, Joseph has worked in both the private and public sectors. As a county patrol deputy and patrol corporal, Joseph engaged in high-risk police tactics. While serving in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Joseph received recognition for his efforts in helping solve a 30-year-old cold case alongside Colorado officials. He also engaged in fugitive apprehension, firearms instruction, and deputy training. As a sergeant in the county jail, Joseph trained and supervised officers, insured building and inmate safety and security, oversaw the transportation of offenders between facilities, planned transportation routes, and participated in annual Emergency Vehicle Operation Courses (EVOC) for both transportation and the road. Joseph has also provided private and public security, including 24hr surveillance, training security personnel, developing security policies and procedures, high-security escorts of money and sensitive material, and strategic planning.


As a former law enforcement officer with approximately 10 years of police experience, Chris worked for both the Springfield Police Department and Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Chris served as a patrol officer, field training officer, and major crimes investigator for the first several years of his career. After that, he was assigned to a specialized unit where he conducted criminal investigations and taught crime prevention to local communities. Chris was also certified as an instructor for the critical incident and self-defense classes at Missouri State University.

In addition to law enforcement, Chris spent nearly 5 years working in the logistics industry. Chris worked for a federal agency specializing in logistics and security of high-value items. He later transitioned to the private sector, where he was federally certified in interstate logistic compliance. During this time, he was responsible for large shipments ranging from hazmat to everyday commodities. Chris became well versed in manifest review and federal operating regulations.


Matthew’s security protection career began after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 2009 and becoming a Loss Prevention Supervisor at all Whiteman Air Force Base retail facilities. After completing the Police Academy, Matthew worked as a Deputy Sheriff in Henry County and St. Clair County in Missouri. Matthew has served as a Jail Corporal, Patrol Deputy, Transport Corporal, and courtroom Bailiff. During his law enforcement service, Matthew has managed state and federal court events and transports throughout Missouri. After moving to the Springfield area, Matthew wanted to advance his security protection career and joined OPS. Matthew strives for safe and secure protection provided by OPS for all patients and employees at Old Route 66 Wellness.

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