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We are proud to partner with Deep Sentinel Camera Systems for live monitoring of businesses.

All cameras are of the latest technology:

Next-Gen Wireless Camera
The wireless security camera system coupled with live guards offers multi-layered protection to keep your family and property safe.

  1. 1080p Capable
  2. 130० Viewing Angle
  3. 2-way 104db Audio (built-in speaker and mic)
  4. 40ft Night Vision
  5. Water-Resistant

Environmental Specifications:

  1. 122०F | 49०C Heat Rating
  2. -4०F | -20०C Cold Rating
  3. IP65 Water Rating

Lightning Fast AI

Packed with local AI Security Prevention, the smart Hub packs a punch for the wireless security cameras with 24/7 live guard surveillance.

  1. Realtime AI Prediction
  2. 64 GB Hard Drive + 4 Mo Cloud Storage
  3. Supports 6 Wireless Cameras
  4. Instant Alerts and Access via App

If you own a business, breach in security means great tragedy–and several criminals breaking in is even worse. In this bSTOPPED video, see how Deep Sentinel recently prevented groups from breaking and entering at two businesses. First, a Deep Sentinel guard catches three suspects attempting to access a San Clemente commercial building and intervenes, sending them running. Then, at a Colorado smoke shop, a group armed with a crowbar gets scared off when our guard intervenes and triggers the alarm. With Deep Sentinel guards watching over your home or business, you can deter criminals before they have the chance to create trouble. No other surveillance camera system on the market proactively protects you with artificial intelligence.