Cannabis Security Services

Transportation of cannabis, or any valuable good, requires protection. The Ozarks Protective Services team are professionals in Missouri Marijuana protection and transportation. Combined, we hold over 205 years of police officer experience, 25 years of cyber safety, and a comprehensive understanding of METRC for respectful shipment and transportation services.


An increase of licensed medicinal and recreational marijuana facilities has increased the need for professional protection and safety services within the industry. More people are buying cannabis than ever before and higher demand means more products being delivered to a larger customer base. The increase in products, labor, and customers creates a profitable but challenging environment for everyone in the cannabis industry.


When establishing or maintaining a marijuana business, protective services are a necessary measure. Not only a neccesity for meeting state requirements, but for providing safety to your business, customers, and employees in a welcoming atmosphere.


Ozarks Protective Services: Three Security Practices Required for Cannabis Dispensaries:



Transporting marijuana from cultivators to dispensaries comes with its own set of safety challenges. A product like cannabis is always in demand, which makes it an attractive target for thieves. A transportation vehicle should be outfitted with essentials — shell-protected finishes, GPS tracking, as well as video recording and streaming. Operating and maintaining your own fleet of cannabis transportation vehicles is a lot for a business to take on. Specialized cannabis transportation companies can be hired to ensure products reach destinations securely.



The presence of a security presence is a crime deterrent in itself. Due to the history of marijuana’s legality and various stigmas, too strong a security presence can actually deter customers. Some could become fearful or avoid the business altogether if they are intimidated. To resolve this issue, maintain a security presence that enriches the consumer experience by making visitors feel welcome, invited, and safe from threats to the dispensary or themselves. Many businesses, for example, hire plain-clothes security officers or uniforms that fit with the dispensary branding to show the security is there to assist customers.




While there are several measures to protect against dishonesty in the workplace — thorough employee screening, location inspections, and reliable product management — it is crucial to keep active security measures against employee theft. An easy preventative measure is employees should not check themselves into the POS or handle their own transactions. Security cameras and private lockers also keep theft in the workplace down. A clear understanding of any discounts or samples for review is also necessary to maintain honesty and prevent confusion.

Further protecting the product with physical security measures like computerized locks and unique agent license numbers makes protecting products lower maintenance. At the same time digital security systems keep track of who accesses what and when. Any issues with quantity discrepancies or product loss can help track down the offender easier than ever. Keyless entry removes the risk of keys ending up in the wrong hands, and lost cards can be deactivated the moment they can’t be found.


There are many more security practices that can aid the growing cannabis industry, but focusing on these three areas should be a priority.