Rethinking Cannabis Delivery Services

Cannabis, whether medical or recreational, is always in high demand. Rather than only having in-store pick up as an option for customers, adding delivery can greatly expand services and provide customers a more convenient way of shopping. While this adds a level of convenience on the customer’s end it does add more work for the dispensary. One way to remedy this is by using a third party delivery service. When looking to expand delivery options within a cannabis dispensary there are many advantages to choosing a third-party service including cost and convenience. Beyond that they also handle their own expenses like auto-insurance and employee compensation. At first glance, marijuana delivery services look like an easy way for cannabis lovers to get weed delivered to their home like pizza. However, some states still do not allow the delivery or even the sale of cannabis. Making sure to follow all of the laws in a state is a must if a dispensary wants to continue operating.

What Is a Cannabis Delivery Service?

Cannabis Delivery Service is a term related to people or businesses that distribute marijuana by bringing it from the dispensary to the customer. Organizations offer different methods of accomplishing this from ordering online or over the phone as well as manual delivery or mail-order options. These delivery services operate in areas the state and local laws allow them to do so.

A Few Things to Note About a Cannabis Delivery Service

  • Today, there are no 24/7 cannabis delivery services anywhere. 
  • In recreational states, a valid ID card is sufficient to make a purchase. In medicinal only states, a patient ID is also required. In most places, consumers can only have cannabis delivered to their residential address.
  • Delivery services must comply strictly with state law.

Study Local Market Regulations

Each state has its regulations regarding delivery services, whether it’s for medical or recreational use. In addition, many individual counties and municipalities in these states also have their own rules for delivering cannabis on a more detailed level.

How Can I Identify Potential Delivery Partners?

Specific information must be provided to dispensaries when initiating a partnership with a third-party cannabis delivery service. These delivery companies represent their brand in the field, so they want to make the best decision possible. Fortunately, there are some parameters that can be followed when considering potential delivery partners.


Perhaps the most crucial point is to test delivery partners to make sure they are appropriately licensed. There are many unlicensed cannabis businesses, including delivery services, especially in hotbeds like California. Therefore, the first step is to review their licensing documents.

Apps and User Experience:

Reviewing the user experience (also known by the acronym UX) provided by third-party apps or websites is a great way to investigate them. After all, delivery services are about convenience. If the ordering software is robust, flexible, and provides excellent reporting, it can be a starting point for maintaining repeat customers.

OSHA Certification:

Another vital factor to consider when investigating delivery partners is OSHA training. Companies that have trained their employees on safety protocols properly are likely to be good partners as they will ensure OSHA guidelines are followed. Failure to do so can result in fines and even jail time for the employer.

How Does Online Ordering Work on my System?

The payment process in the cannabis industry is very complex. Many credit cards and banks do not accept money associated with the industry due to cannabis being illegal at the federal level. Because of this many dispensaries do not offer delivery. Ozarks Protective Services can help dispensaries create e-commerce pages.

What About Compliance & Seed-to-Sale Tracking?

Compliance is one of the most critical factors for success in the cannabis industry. However, compliance regulations can be challenging when dealing with third-party delivery companies, as cannabis products change hands several times before they finally reach the consumers. Plants can be tagged with barcodes and dates for tracking. States  thoroughly review all licensed third-party delivery services, and  are up-to-date with compliance protocols in the market and trained in the appropriate software for seed sales. If these controls are in place, delivery services will be liable after the cannabis product leaves the dispensary. A third-party delivery service adjusts the date and time of the order. Orders are tracked via the GPS of the delivery vehicle. All cannabis products are stored in safe containers that are opened only during delivery. Using a third-party delivery service is an easy way to grow a dispensary’s business and stay competitive. Dispensaries that partner with a delivery service that shares their goals and vision create a valuable, lasting partnership.

Benefits of Cannabis Delivery Services

  1. Convenient

How often do people go to a pizzeria to order a pizza? The ease of online ordering and delivery services have improved the shopping experience for various goods. Cannabis is no different. Cannabis products can be ordered online, paid for digitally, and delivered to the customer. Customers can stay at home throughout the entire process!

  1. Delivery Guarantees Privacy

Recreational cannabis is legal in 15 states and medical marijuana is legal in 36, but some people are still concerned about cannabis use. It’s understandable that the use of marijuana is a private matter for many people. Fortunately, most providers of cannabis delivery services can use branded vehicles on demand. Some are already using standard marked delivery vehicles. When the order arrives it will look no different from a regular food or package delivery.

  1. Cannabis Delivery Services Make Marijuana Products More Affordable

The ease of ordering online and using door-to-door services allows cannabis distributors to work without opening a physical store, which reduces operational costs. Dispensaries can then pass on cost savings to customers by offering competitive pricing.

  1. Better Mobility

Cannabis delivery service allows consumers to order marijuana from anywhere in the delivery area. Depending on the laws on delivery in the area and the status of cannabis being medical or recreational, customers have more flexibility because they can order cannabis at home, at work, or with friends.

  1. Cannabis Delivery Allows Dispensaries to Increase Cannabis Sales

Dispensaries sell more because they can serve more customers through delivery and keep operating costs low. Marijuana retail sales in 2020 were estimated at $6.1 billion. Thanks to the growing popularity of cannabis delivery, this number is expected to grow significantly, expected to reach $7.3 billion in 2022. Today consumers can order cannabis for recreational or medical purposes and have it delivered to their home. Cannabis delivery has revolutionized the way customers buy cannabis, making it more convenient, affordable, and discreet than ever.