Dispensary Security

Understanding cannabis dispensary security and how essential it is to running this type of business is necessary for success. Having a security presence helps deter crime and leaves a business less susceptible to robbery or theft. Cannabis dispensaries need significantly higher security than other types of businesses. There are cannabis industry security guards trained specifically for protecting dispensaries, their assets, and employees. Ozarks Protective Services is capable of providing multiple aspects of protection in the cannabis industry with a sense of care and proper judgment. 


Due to cannabis only recently becoming legal in some states, a higher level of security services are required in the industry. Products must be secure along all steps of the business, from cultivation through transportation and finally to the dispensary. The presence of a security guard alone not only decreases the chance of stealing, but can control anyone that becomes disruptive. Monitoring the atmosphere of a cannabis dispensary requires adequate supervision, and video surveillance can greatly assist in preventing theft or other crimes. A specialized security service like OPS is invaluable to a successful dispensary by maintaining procedures and safeguarding goods as well as people within the business.


 Why Hire Ozarks Protective Services?

Ozarks Protective Services has experience and commitment that make them stand out in the security sector. The qualified and skilled security team stands ready to handle difficult circumstances. 



OPS is committed to serving the cannabis industry through maintaining security and confidentiality of a business. They practice a professional and ethical approach to security with frankness and justice. OPS guards have the necessary skills and know the techniques for providing high-class security assistance, from daily business monitoring to situations requiring a more intense presence.



Experienced management makes sure new security guards qualify to be an OPS agent. Experience in law enforcement or the military allows them to understand the possible confrontations that can be encountered on the job, and training includes challenges to help guards understand and solve different scenarios that could occur.


24/7 Presence

Video monitoring means a constant security presence on location at the dispensary. OPS agents can be notified of suspicious activity and be on site if required. Putting security into the hands of a specialized team means their attention to protection is undivided among multiple responsibilities. OPS has the experience, qualifications, and training to provide excellent security services in the cannabis industry.